Affiliate Guide


  1. Click the Link sent to you by upline LPMV Upline. NOTE>> You Must register into the system using the right invites Link from your Upline.
  2. Fill in the Registration form with your username, email, phone number, and password (that you can remember), Name of the Training Provider.
  3. After a Successful Registration, Login into your account.
  4. Click Submit. You will be redirected to a login page
  5. Click the Become a La Plage Meta Verse Partner button.
  6. A prompt that says “Congratulations, you are now a La Plage Meta Verse Partner. Please wait for approval from the LPMV admin or contact your superior to inform them about your progress.”
  7. Wait for Admin Approval
  8. Go back to and Sign in with your account Details
  9. Congratulations you are now an affiliate member on our certificate website. Your affiliate Dashboard will be visible to you.


Creating Affiliates Links for your Downlines

  1. From your dashboard, click the “Affiliate Tools” Tab
  2. From the generate link box, add /fatreg to the link you see in the box. Click the generate link button below the box
  3. Click the copy link button to copy your affiliate link or download your personalized QR code.
  4. Send the link generated to your Downlines for them to register.

Note this procedure terminates at the vip 2 Level of the LPMV Affiliate. Thus Facilitators are not expected to create a link for registration except when they are promoted to VIP 2 on the LPMV Ranks


Getting familiar with the Affiliate Dashboard

Watch Video Instructions

Affiliates Tools

Watch Video Instructions


Watch Video Instructions